Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage
The traditional Thai style of massage is a treatment which is famous for its healing properties and health benefits. It is performed with the patient fully clothed on a low massage bed, which allows the therapist to perform deep stretches and yoga-like exercises.

Fundamentals of Thai Massage

Thai massage follows the Sen lines of the body, which are believed to be the ‘vessels’ that carry the ‘iom’ or ‘air’ throughout the body. The therapist applies pressure to points along these lines in order to establish an equilibrium throughout.

Massage Techniques

In experiencing a traditional Thai massage treatment at Ruan Thai, you will be manipulated into various stretches. Your therapist will make use of her elbows, hands, fingers and feet while following a standard procedure and rythm. Body weight is implimented; to apply a greater pressure the therapist may stand on pressure points on you back or legs.

Thai or Oil Massage?

The stretches and techniques applied in Thai massage are generally a lot tougher than an oil massage treatment. If you’re new to Thai Massage, or if you’d like a relaxing treatment, then rather ask for oil massage