Sawadeeka and welcome to Ruan Thai. Experience Thai massage at it’s best, performed by experienced Thai therapists. Treat yourself to a private massage or bond with your loved one in a dual massage room in this tranquil location in Cape Town.

Thai Massage

R400 (60 minutes)Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage is a treatment famous for its healing properties and health benefits.

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Thai Oil Massage

R400 (60 minutes)Thai Oil Massage Combo

Our most popular treatment, combining the healing effects of Thai massage with the relaxation of oil.

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Thai Foot Massage

R380 (60 minutes)Thai Foot Massage

Reflexology involves the stimulation of ‘reflex points’ in the hands or feet using thumb and hand techniques.

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Magical Thai Massage

The traditional Thai style of massage is a treatment which is famous for its healing properties and health benefits. It is performed with the patient fully clothed on a low massage bed, which allows the therapist to perform deep stretches and yoga-like exercises.

Massage Technique

Our Thai therapists utilise their hands, feet, elbows and knees to stimulate the pressure points of the body that will give your tired muscles a much needed “reset”.

Benefits of Thai Massage

Thai massage promotes muscular relaxation and mental rejuvenation and is often useful in curing headaches, bodily pain and other sicknesses. Blood flow is improved and toxins released from body cells.

With or Without Oil?

Due to the deep assisted stretches involved in Traditional Thai massage, we recommend that if you’re new to Thai massage you start with an oil massage or a Thai/oil massage combo. These treatments are more relaxing and they do incorporate Thai massage concepts.

What to Bring

All that is required is a positive mindset. For a traditional Thai massage treatment we supply comfortable gowns for your use.


Shower Facilities  Shower
You are welcome (and encouraged) to make use of our shower/ bathroom facilities to freshen up before or after your massage.

Couples Massage RoomPrivate/couple massage rooms
Our massage rooms are absolutely private, tranquil and homely. We also offer couple massage rooms for you and that someone special .

Sauna TreatmentSauna
Book a detoxifying sauna session to finish off your massage. Cost of Sauna use is from R100 per person.